Easy solutions to help improve your family’s health through a combination of a real food diet, and optimizing factors like exercise, water, sleep, reducing stress and avoiding toxins.

Natural Remedies

Natural remedies effectively prevent illness when unwell and help the body speed up recovery from illness or injury. These are a combination of herbs, supplements and lifestyle adjustments to help your family bounce back from ill-health.
Getting started with home remedies, natural treatments, and alternative medicine is simple enough; in fact, you’ll probably find everything you need right in your kitchen. Just look around, you need to mix a few ingredients from your kitchen, and you’re good to go! A healing mixture of honey, lemon & ginger can cure a cough, while a few dry figs soaked overnight can cure constipation. It isn’t rocket science, and it does not require a deep understanding of human anatomy! Turmeric, Milk & Honey for Cough, flue and depression

Seek The Cause & Find The Cure

What do you do when you are unwell with a fever, you’ve got a cough, stuffy and runny nose, headache, sore throat, etc.
Most of us want a quick fix. We’ll either take some paracetamol or some other medication, maybe even visit the doctor who will also prescribe some medicines without asking why.
However, the pills have mainly been shown to deal with the symptoms and not cure the illness’s root cause.
Therefore, seeking the root cause of why we are unwell in the first place will help to find the cure by fixing the root cause.

5 Tips To Powerful Thoughts

Our thoughts can make or break who we are. Harbouring positive thoughts are crucial to success in all areas of our lives, while the opposite is true. Here I list the five powerful tips that are benefits to our lives.

Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water First Thing in The Morning!

Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning has been proven to have major benefits to our bodies.  Here I talk about all the benefits . 


Food Enjoy & Lose Weight

We are what we eat, and this confirmed in 460 BC by Hippocrates when he said, “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.”  

Failure to eat food that nourishes and healing our bodies, we’ll eat medicine as our food. 

Knowing the right foods to eat is key to staying healthy. Here are foods we should enjoy and which to avoid. 

Anxiety & Mental health

Mental health is a massive issue, according to the statistics. It is estimated that 1 in 6 people experience a common mental health disorder like depression and anxiety every week. If this minor disorder goes without being treated, this could lead to significant mental health issues.

Many studies support that long term medication is not the solution to mental health, as most drugs only suppress the issue but do not fix the root cause.

Talking therapy is has been proven to be more effective than taking medication. Merely talking about what is stressing you to someone who cares is the answer. You don’t want to talk about your problem to anyone that could also be counter-productive; instead, looking for a qualified therapist is the best way. Recommending


We can ensure that we have sound mental health in terms of lifestyle; the top 5 are rest, water – stay hydrated, exercise, fresh air and nutrition.

In many studies, Vitamin B complex deficiencies are significant factors; thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin are the most important.

Food sources are:
-Wheat germ, whole grain bread and cereals
-Dried peas and beans, peanuts and legumes
-Green leafy vegetables
-Protein-rich foods are a generally good source of B Vit – red
-Meat (red meat, poultry, fish) – look for good quality meat

I would recommend you also consider to get a blood test to get your B Vit levels checked. If found to be deficient, the doctor prescribes a high dosage of B Vitamines to brings the levels back to normal, then you maintain it with lifestyle

Other ways to help anyone suffering from nervousness must et the system cleaned out. Use high enemas and herb laxatives. The bowels must move freely to maintain good health.

Following are some herbs to use: skullcap, red sage, horehound, motherwort, mugwort, poplar bark, catnip, spearmint, camomile, ginger, peach leaves, vervain, blue and black cohosh, Follow the recommended instructions on how to prepare and take the herbs from your herbalist.

Please always seek medical advise and follow the instructions given to ensure that you stay mentally sound!

you can read on https://www.who.int/mental_health/prevention/genderwomen/en/

8 Proven Secrets To a Sustainable Weight loss

Simple Aids of Nature Accessible To All!

By Emmah Muya

There are many ways to make you lose weight. However, some can be very detrimental to health. One of the best things you can do to become healthier is to follow a healthier lifestyle. Here are the eight proven secrets that will see you lose weight if incorporated into your daily routine and help you keep it off and even reverse some lifestyle conditions.

1. Air – oxygen is our body’s most important physical need. Although air is composed of only about 20% oxygen, each inhalation brings this life-sustaining gas into the lungs. Oxygen then diffuses into the bloodstream, where it is transported all over the body via your red blood cells. It is used to facilitate reaction involving the body’s primary energy source, glucose. Without oxygen, this energy source would be useless.
2. Water – is found everywhere in our body. Our bodies consist of more than 60% water by weight, and specific tissues and organs have an even higher water concentration. The brain is about 70% water; blood is approximately 83%, and the lungs contain even more, up to 90%! We not only use water to clean the outside of our bodies but the inside as well.

3. Nutrition: This is the building blocks to a well-balanced diet that aid weight loss. The five essential components of food are carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals.

a. Carbohydrates – are sources of sugars, starches and fibres. Starch and sugars are converted into glucose, which is the body’s primary fuel. Fibre, found mainly in plant foods, acts as a bulking agent to keep the intestines clean.
b. Protein is broken down by the body and converted into amino acids, which are the building blocks for enzymes, hormones and structural components of the body such as muscle tissue.
c. Fats – are the most concentrated form of energy, supplying over twice as many calories per gram as protein or carbohydrates, and can also be efficiently stored for later use. The three natural types of fates are saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated.

Healthy fats are those in vegetable oils, seeds, nuts, avocado and fatty fishes d. Vitamins & Minerals are essential components of our diet.

Whole, unrefined foods contain the highest amount of these nutrients. Phytochemicals, found only in plants, are bonuses thought to play a role in preventing many diseases.
4. Exercise – is vital to good health, and the entire body is affected. The heart pumps more rapidly, muscle fibre contracts and release, and the lungs work harder to get more oxygen to the body. These actions trigger increased enzymes reaction, nerve stimulation, metabolic enhancement and more. Exercise will help you
a. Burn calories
b. Increase strength and endurance
c. Feel better and have more energy d. Optimize heart health. And live a longer, happier life
5. Sunlight – is essential to all life, and we need sunlight for optimal health. Although many believe that exposure to sunlight is harmful, avoid overexposure to direct sunlight. In moderation, sunlight can:
a. ease tension
b. increase immunity
c. prevent diseases
d. improve sleep
e. increase mental performance
f. heighten metabolism
g. Relieve arthritic pains and boost energy levels!
6. Temperance is the moderate use of that which is good. You don’t have to deny yourself that which is pleasing, but it is important to moderate all you do.
7. Rest – is defined as ‘to (cause someone or something to) stop doing a particular activity or stop being active for some time to relax and get back your strength.

An estimated 60 million Americans have trouble sleeping today because of the internet, caffeine craze, artificial lights, TV etc. People are sleeping for about one hour less than their grandparents.
Did you know that just one hour of sleep deprivation increases the number of highway accidents by 8% – but that an hour of extra sleep decreases them by 8%? This is true because it happens every year when the daylight saving time changes. Proper sleep is one of the most elements of our lives.

It is much more than just a passive experience for your body. Although we might be resting, our body is engaged in another type of activity, a process that will bring restoration and healing to exhausted organs, nerves and body tissues.
8. Trust – Want to live seven years longer? Reader’s Digest has reported that a nationwide study of 21,000 people, those who prayed and attended religious services more than once a week, had a seven-year longer life expectancy than those who never attended services.

Scientifically, we see the same trust results with a place effect experiment.  When group of people are given something that looks like a legitimate drug but is really nothing more than coloured water or a starch pill containing no medicinal value.  These placebos are often given to a patient to reinforce an expectations that their condition will improve.  Research has shown that when patients take a substance that they sincerely believe will heal them, their symptoms often improve or completely disappear.  

A study involved two groups, one secular, one religious, persons living in religious group had less illness and a 50% lower mortality rate than those living in even tightly knit secular group.   So trusting in God does make a big difference and can be very beneficial to your health! Conversely, living without God can also cause a negative impact on health. 


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