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After suffering from ill health for many years, Bell’s Palsy, pre-diabetic, constant cold, flu, and coughs, among others, a few years ago, I discovered NutriHeal, an eight-step holistic approach to prevention and re-balancing yourself back to health. I restored my health and reversed these conditions that would have only gotten worse by changing my lifestyle. All this……
…Without taking Medication, Weight Loss Pill, Going On a “Fad Diet” or Exercising like Mad And wasting Time Doing Things That DON’T WORK!

Implementing these steps will empower you to better, sustainable and restorative health that will revitalize and transform your health & wellbeing!


Author of Discover Centuries Secrets to Health. I once struggled with my health! Bell’s Palsy, overweight, pre-diabetic, constant cold, flu, and coughs that resulted in chest infection!. Thanks to the Nutriheal Program that I have put together, I am now free from all these diseases.

There are 3 Ways we can work together!

oNLINE Courses

Available 24/7,  Our online health courses are a perfect path for a ‘New You! With over 50 different natural holistic health and remedies home studies courses to choose from, a world of opportunity is at your feet.

Learn at your own pace, the flexibility pays attention to your life without being tied down to a rigid schedule.


12 Weeks NutriHeal Program, an 8 Step approach to preventions & rebalancing yourself to health


Cover a range of topics to improve the Health & Wellness of your employees through systematic coaching. Book us, and we’ll be happy to create a custom half-day or full-day workshop for your group or organisation.


When Emmah said I could stop my addiction of eating my 3 bananas a day, I just laughed because I thought that would be impossible.

One week after my sessions started, I noticed that the bananas were going off on the shelf. I was no longer craving for them.

Emmah really simplifies the health message in a way that everyone gets it.

Eva, London

After having my two children I found that that became impossible to shift. With the support of Emma I not only lost the weight but I have kept it off for almost 2 years. My energy levels are high and I feel great in myself. Forever grateful.

Tabby, CP Northampton

When I started my Coaching Sessions with Emma, I was on High Blood Pressure Medications. I did not believe that it was possible to reverse my condition. 6 weeks later and after a visit to my GP been taken off all medication.

Satek, Northampton

Be Healthy, Be Confident, Be Happy!

Discover Centuries Old Secrets to Health


Walking in nature can improve well-being and mindfulness and reduce the risk of developing chronic disease.


Food is meant to nourish. The right food can heal your body and mind. Striking a balance in everything in moderation is key.


Gratitude and thanks giving can improve your state of spiritual wellbeing and find harmony in living.

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