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The Pefect Traditional Homemade Italian Tomato Pasta Sauce

Italy is famous for its cuisine. They brought us Pizza, Pasta Tomato amongst other foods. But the tomato sauce, commonly known as ‘Sugo’ in Italian, is at the heart of most dishes.

The secret of this simple yet yummy tomato sauce is learning to make the Tomato & basil pasta sauce as it makes the difference between what you buy in the shop and this Italian recipe. And the best thing about it, it can be served with almost anything.

So, for example, you can use it as a base for your pizza, sauce for your pasta, on toasted bread and egg on rice or even as a side dish. I always hold some in the fridge, as it’s a quick way to make a quick dish anytime. I guarantee you that once you test this authentic ‘Italian tomato basil sauce! You will never buy the artificial store-bought sauce ever again. This tomato basil pasta sauce is entirely homemade, preservative-free, and it tastes soo delicious! Leave your comments once you have tried the recipe at home.

Buona Appetito!

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