Turmeric, Milk & Honey Facial Mask for Clear, Smooth Skin

turmeric, neem, cup

Turmeric, on the other hand, is a proven antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that has treats acne, brightening dark spots on the skin, and treating fine lines and wrinkles

  •      3/4 teaspoon of organic turmeric powder
  •     ½ teaspoon milk or yoghurt
  •     ½ teaspoon pure raw honey

Mix all the ingredients and make them into a small paste. If too thick, add some milk, and if too runny, more powder.

Apply on the face and leave the mask for 15-20 minutes.

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You won’t notice immediate, magical results overnight, but if you use it consistently (as in a few nights a week), you’ll likely start to see some brightening, smoothing, and calming effects after a few weeks. Of course, if you’ve never slathered honey or turmeric on your face, make sure to patch test, first, but dabbing a bit on your neck, just beneath your ear, leaving it on for 20 mins, and waiting for 24 hours to see if you have a reaction.

Caution: turmeric will temporarily stain your face if you’re pale, but it’s overnight staining, not days-long staining. The milk or yoghurt added to the mask acts as a barrier. Remove the mask with a simple cleansing oil

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